E-Verify Adds Florida DMV Database to Records Check

90% of persons completing the I-9 form provide a driver’s license and social security card. As a result of this high number, it has long been a goal of USCIS to have state Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) records included in the databases checked by E-Verify. The difficulty has been in getting the states, the technology and the logistics to cooperate. Florida has now joined the E-Verify RIDE program, allowing E-Verify users electronic access to state DMV records whenever a Florida license or state ID is presented in conjunction with completion of the I-9 form. The RIDE program was initiated in June 201l. The only other state to currently participate is Mississippi.

Under the RIDE program, the E-Verify system now checks driver’s license and state-issued identification cards from the state of Florida when presented by a new hire as a List B document for Form I-9. When completing the E-Verify query, the employer is prompted to enter the document number and expiration into the E-Verify system, which then checks the document against DMV records. The system will verify that the data is valid.

In the case that there is no match, a tentative non-confirmation (TNC) will be issued. At that time, the employee will be advised to contact the E-Verify customer service number and fax in a copy of their driver’s license. E-Verify employees will attempt to resolve the TNC by comparing the information on the fax copy to the information in Florida’s database. If unable, they will issue a final non-confirmation (FNC) in the E-Verify system.

The RIDE program is intended to improve the accuracy and strengthen the integrity of the E-Verify system by adding the review of driver’s license data against state records when determining employees’ eligibility to work in the United States. With the new capability, E-Verify can confirm the authenticity of an additional identity document. Without access to state motor vehicle records, when an employee presents a driver’s license as proof of identity and a social security card as proof of employment authorization, E-Verify is only able to confirm the validity of the social security card. With RIDE E-Verify employers are able to confirm the validity of both documents, at least in Florida and in Mississippi for the time being. USCIS is currently in negotiations with several other states to join RIDE.

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