Business Transformation at USCIS

USCIS  has announced that it is in the beginning stages of a complete business transformation process which will involve a new case management system with the focus on electronic filing and document retention. Currently, it is in the process and procedure definition stage. It is working with stakeholders at all levels of the process to determine what the requirements of the new system should be. USCIS expects the new case management system to be rolled out during the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2011. It will provide more flexibility for all users of the system.

Improvements in electronic capabilities will likely lead to reduced processing times;  increased information sharing; and heightened scrutiny of all types of applications. The more information USCIS has on an applicant, the more likely it is that there are question marks and discrepancies between information in archived files and the application being adjudicated.  Requests for additional evidence will also increase as USCIS officers ask applicants to  explain and justify information on prior applications that contradicts current answers.

USCIS has already begun acquiring additional tools for adjudicators to use for verification of information contained in immigration applications. In May, USCIS announced a partnership with Dun and Bradstreet. The business information tool will be used to verify company information and financials for all employment-based visa sponsors.

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