PERM Processing Times Improve

Recently, the Department of Labor reported that at the beginning of fiscal year 2010, (10/1/2009), there were 67,000 backlogged PERM applications. The goal of the Department of Labor is to reduce this backlog by 50% by the end of fiscal year 2010. Currently, there are 36,000 applications on hand. The Department of Labor is making 800 to 900 decisions per week. Currently, it is working on PERM applications which have been audited that were filed in May, 2008, and appeals that were filed in December, 2007. It also reported that currently there are 1,000 cases undergoing supervised recruitment and that this number is growing.

We are happy to confirm the Department of Labor’s report. Many of our regularly filed PERM applications are being approved within four months or less, and recently several special handling applications for university professors have been approved within a matter of weeks. Hopefully PERM processing times will continue to improve.

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