H-2A Company Names Published on the Web

The Department of Labor has initiated a new portion of its iCERT website which is an interactive United States map of all of the H-2A agricultural work or job openings which have been filed in the United States. When a user clicks on a particular state, the user will see a drop-down list of the name of the employer, the type of business, and the number of H-2A workers it has requested. This is a huge development for the Department of Labor in terms of technological capacity, and also for employers in terms of a loss of privacy. While it has never been the case that any documents filed related to any of the H visa programs were private documents, because of the paper nature of the information, it was very difficult for the public to access. However, now with the advent of this new technology, job seekers, and other persons interested in the statistics can now easily obtain information about employers filing visa applications for agricultural workers.

It is likely that this type of service will also soon be available on the iCERT website for H-2B employers and also for H-1B employers. It is also possible that this will have a chilling effect on employers if the information is used in the media or by restrictionist groups to highlight the effects of foreign workers on the U.S. workforce.

Check out the site here http://icert.doleta.gov/

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