PA House Passes 2 E-Verify Bills

On June 10, 2010, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed two pieces of legislation (House Bills 1502 and 1503) that would require certain Pennsylvania employers to verify the employment eligibility of construction and contracted public workers via the E-Verify or Social Security Number Verification Services (NVS) systems. 1502 pertains to public works contractors and their subcontractors doing business with the State and would require verification of their workers’ employment eligibility either through E-Verify (for new hires) or NVS (for existing employees). 1503 carries the same employment verification requirements for private-sector construction companies requiring them to use E-verify for all new hires “whether or not the work is for a public body or paid for from public funds.” Both bills offer protection to employees who report or participate in an investigation relating to an alleged violation.

If the Pennsylvania Senate passes the bills and they become law, employers who violate these rules could face penalties, including the forfeiture of state licenses or certifications and debarment from state projects. We will continue to montitor developments in the Pennsylvania Senate.

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